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Использование NDSolve`FEM` и NDEigensystem в задачах механики деформируемого твёрдого тела

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Keith Storyan
Tatjana Samardzic
This paper describes a Mathematica and SystemModeler platform for automated, fast analog filter design and simulation. The platform consists of two key components:
Ian Hojnicki
Andre Kuzniarek
The Wolfram Language provides a rich framework for teaching scientific and technical concepts while at the same time illustrating programming methodology for testing and analyzing ideas. We will walk through ...
Eric Weisstein
Continued fractions are an ideal subject for this proof-of-concept as they constitute a subset of mathematics that is historically rich, well-defined, and nontrivial, yet at the same time manageable in ...
Michael Kelly
The Finance Platform includes a framework called Report templates that allow one to treat variables and parameters of models as variables and defined groups and so automatically generate reports based ...
Bjorn Zimmermann/Brett Champion
Eric Weisstein/Stan Wagon
GraphData is an extensive curated database of simple graphs and their properties available in Mathematica as a built-in data paclet and in Wolfram|Alpha via natural language queries.
George Danner
We all know that social networks like Twitter have changed the nature of human interaction. But what if models and logic were positioned as peers on a social network? We ...
Jan Brugard
Luc Barthelet
Eric Shulz
Brian Drawert
Defined benefit pension plans are the predominant method of retirement compensation for state government employees. The presence of these plans, often heavily underfunded, has placed enormous pressure on state budgets.
Eric Mjolsness
Collaborative projects have resulted in several Mathematica-implemented modeling languages aimed at general-purpose biological modeling, which is a useful and topical but an indefinitely expandable goal. We update previous work on ...
Jae Bum Jung/Yan Zhuang
Phillip Todd
Phil Ramsden
Lou D'Andria
Constructing interfaces with Dynamic, DynamicModule and Manipulate is nothing new, but those aren't the only Dynamic primitives available in Mathematica. In this talk, we'll identify and demonstrate some of the ...
Андрей Кротких
Физический институт имени П.Н. Лебедева