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Roman Maeder
A look at the fascinating toppling sequences that arise from various initial conditions, leading to fractal images, and discuss efficient code for generating animations and images with millions of grains ...
Michael Gamer
An in depth analysis using The Wolfram Language on over six million Google search results prior to the German election in September 2017.
During the 2018 Wolfram Technology Conference keynote, Stephen Wolfram announces the establishment of Wolfram Blockchain Labs—a new DLT-focused subsidiary of Wolfram Research—along with expanded built-in blockchain functionality in the ...
Riccardo Di Virgilio
Riccardo Di Virgilio talks with us about Wolfram Client Library for Python.
Matteo Salvarezza
Matteo Salvarezza talks about what's new in the Wolfram Neural Net Framework.
Chad Knutson
Chad Knutson, Wolfram application developer, talks about Wolfram Tech Services projects.
Etienne Bernard
Etienne Bernard, algorithms R&D lead architect, discusses the neural net functions in the Wolfram Language.
Tuseeta Banerjee
Tuseeta Banerjee, Wolfram research scientist, talks about building neural network applications in the Wolfram Language.
Devendra Kapadia
Devendra Kapadia, algorithms R&D kernel developer, discusses implementing calculus in the Wolfram Language.
Abrita Chakravarty
Abrita Chakravarty, training and development specialist, discusses course development in the realm of data science and Wolfram Language training for Wolfram U.
Kevin Daily
Kevin Daily, Junior User Interface Developer, talks about game design in the Wolfram Language. Read more about Kevin's horde-mode modification of the first stage of Castlevania written in the Wolfram ...
Shadi Ashnai
Shadi Ashnai, Wolfram image signal processing manager, discusses and demonstrates new image and signal processing functions in the Wolfram Language.
Christian Pasquel
Christian Pasquel, Wolfram WRSA connectivity manager, talks about interacting with blockchains from the Wolfram Language.
Carlo Barbieri
Carlo Barbieri talks about relational database integration.
Tom Wickham-Jones
Tom Wickham-Jones, Wolfram director of kernel technology, talks about The Wolfram System Compiler.
Jon Woodard
Jon Woodard, Wolfram partnerships analyst, talks about Wolfram Blockchain Labs.
Abdul Dakkak
Amir Azadi
Ashwin Ganapathiraju
Carlo Barbieri & Riccardo Di Virgilio