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Teaching Free Transverse Vibrations of Beams

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Alan Calvitti
David Bailey
David Bailey describes his MusicGenerator package, which makes it possible to play music coded in a compact string notation designed to correspond with conventional sheet music. In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference, he explores how the package could form ...
John McGee
Mustafa Atici & Ferhan Atici
Sebastian Bodenstein
Stefan Janecek
Jonas Sjberg
Jonas Sjberg describes how he's using Mathematica's control design functionality to create a tool for signals, models, and identification in this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference.
Faisal Whelpley
This talk explores how users can learn math by making math with the Making Math platform, which combines Mathematica, courseware content, and learning management. These technologies enable learners to engage ...
Mark Sofroniou
Samir Sayegh & Stephan Libbrandt
Conrad Wolfram
Rodrigo Murta
The Wolfram Language is a powerful problem‐solving toolbox for business. This talk shows how it can be used for sales forecasts, automated reports, financial outlier alerts, category management analysis, ...
Joze Korelc
Keith Stroyan
Jan Poeschko
Jan Poeschko
John McGee
Yves Klett
In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011, Yves Klett from the Institute of Aircraft Design & University of Stuttgart, Germany, shares a few mechanical engineering examples that make good use ...
Frantisek Latal
Jeff Bryant & Keiko Hirayama