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How to Find Available Options

Mathematica gives you control over the behavior of most functions by providing options that you can customize. Learn more about finding available options for functions in this "How to" screencast.

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Lou D'Andria
In this video from Mathematica Experts Live: New in Mathematica 9, Lou D'Andria uses a series of examples to show how the Suggestions Bar works and why it's useful for users ...
Ian Hojnicki
Ian Hojnicki walks through the features of Mathematica's Input Assistant, including auto-completion, code templates, and dynamic highlighting, in this video from Mathematica Experts Live: New in Mathematica 9.
Nick Lariviere
In this video from Mathematica Experts Live: New in Mathematica 9, Nick Lariviere gives an overview of Mathematica's systemwide support for units, including use cases from unit conversion to dimensional analysis.
Nick Lariviere
In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference, Nick Lariviere gives a summary of the features and functions of Mathematica's unit system and presents examples from various disciplines, including statistics, ...
Johan Rhodin
In this Wolfram Technology Conference talk, Johan Rhodin gives an overview of the reliability functionality in Mathematica with a focus on reliability modeling, how to determine important metrics for a ...
Lou D'Andria, Ian Hojnicki, Nick Lariviere, Zach Parcell
A panel of Mathematica experts showcase some of the new features of Mathematica 9, including the Wolfram Predictive Interface's Suggestions Bar and Input Assistant as well as Mathematica's unit system.
Rob Knapp
Mathematica provides a natural interface to algorithms for numerically solving differential equations. In this presentation from the Wolfram Technology Conference, Rob Knapp gives an overview of the interface and the ...
MinHsuan Peng
Mathematica has built-in plot legends on all visualization functions. In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference, MinHsuan Peng uses a number of examples to explain the functionalities of the ...
Konstantin Kouptsov
Konstantin Kouptsov discusses features of the Mathematica command line interface in this presentation from the Wolfram Technology Conference.
Model, design, and analyze control systems; document design decisions; and interactively test controllers with Wolfram Mathematica and SystemModeler. This video features visual examples of how Wolfram technologies are driving insight, ...
Gosia Konwerska
Gosia Konwerska discusses some of the tools for time series analysis in Mathematica in this presentation from the Wolfram Technology Conference.
Brian Frezza
Brian Frezza describes how Emerald Therapeutics uses Mathematica for all tasks in the company's antiviral research workflow, from developing functions to processing and storing data, designing and managing experiments, presenting ...
Chris Carlson
The Wolfram Predictive Interface makes it easy to find and use the power of Mathematica. Chris Carlson gives a demonstration of the features, including the Suggestions Bar, Input Assistant, and ...
Mathematica is the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.
Jon McLoone
Mathematica 9 adds major computational areas and introduces a new interface paradigm—further expanding Mathematica's unrivaled base of algorithmic, knowledge, and interface capabilities. Get an overview of what's new in Mathematica 9 ...
Get a quick overview of how to use the Suggestions Bar, a new interface paradigm that lets you navigate and discover functionality throughout the Mathematica system.
Learn how to use Mathematica's Input Assistant, which helps you automatically complete code, discover functions and options, and reduce oversights and typographical errors while coding.
Mathematica's Image Assistant provides immediate access to common image processing tools, making it easy to interactively process images using point-and-click—all within the notebook environment. Get an overview of how ...
You can create and present slide shows directly from within Mathematica. Mathematica-based presentations can contain interactive interfaces and live computations, letting your audience see the effects of changes to parameters in real time. Learn more ...
Watch an introduction to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, a free resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance, and a range of other fields.