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Mathematica covers many application areas, making it perfect for use in a variety of different classes. In this screencast, you'll get an introduction to Mathematica and learn how it can help you tackle any type of problem—numeric or symbolic, theoretical or experimental, large-scale or small. Includes Chinese audio.
This screencast gives an introduction to Mathematica 8, including how to use free-form input, Wolfram|Alpha integration, and the Documentation Center. Includes Chinese translation.
Creating interactive models in Mathematica allows students to explore hard-to-understand concepts, test theories, and quickly gain a deeper understanding of the materials being taught firsthand. This screencast shows you how get started creating interactive models in Mathematica. Includes Chinese audio.
See why Mathematica is the complete homework and research software to calculate and analyze, learn and explore, visualize and illustrate, document and publish. Includes Chinese audio.
Take a quick tour of Mathematica 8 and see what makes it the ultimate technical computing and development environment. Includes Chinese voiceover.