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Frank Scherbaum
Geophysics professor Frank Scherbaum walks through an example of how he used Mathematica to develop an integrated system for students, teachers, and researchers to use in their probabilistic seismic hazard analysis work. Includes Japanese audio.
Bruce Colletti
This video features Bruce Colletti, who explains how he used Mathematica to develop a geo-positioning application for precision defense targeting. Includes Japanese audio.
David DeBrota
This video features David DeBrota, a senior clinical research physician, who explains how he uses Mathematica to save time and money in drug trials. Includes Japanese audio.
John Kiehl
This video features John Kiehl, co-owner of Soundtrack Recording Studio, who shares an example of Mathematica using powerful set theory and pattern-matching capabilities to make and produce music. Includes Japanese audio.
Markus van Almsick
In this video, Markus van Almsick explains why he chose Mathematica for a project to design safe children's playground equipment. Includes Japanese audio.
Richard Scott
This video, featuring Richard Scott of CDx Laboratories, gives an example of how Mathematica is used to prevent cancer with precision diagnosis. Includes Japanese audio.
Yves Papegay
In this video, Yves Papegay of INRIA describes how he uses Mathematica to apply symbolic computation coding methods to flight modeling and simulation applications. Includes Japanese audio.
William Meyer
William Meyer, the vice president of technology at Scattering Solutions, LLC, describes an example of using Mathematica's data-analysis capabilities to save time and money on drug screening. Includes Japanese audio.
Andrew Hull
This video features Mathematica user Andrew Hull, who explains how Mathematica is used to develop eco-friendly biofuel solutions. Includes Japanese audio.