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Using Free-Form Input and Wolfram|Alpha Data (Spanish)

With Mathematica 8, you can enter your queries in plain English, using the new free-form linguistic input, and access Wolfram|Alpha's more than 10 trillion pieces of curated, up-to-date, and ready-to-use data. Learn more in this screencast. Includes Spanish audio.

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Diego Oviedo-Salcedo
See how Diego Oviedo-Salcedo, a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, uses Mathematica to investigate river-aquifer interactions as part of his civil engineering research. Includes Spanish audio.
Learn how to use Wolfram's CDF plugin for WordPress to embed interactive Computable Document Format (CDF) documents in your blog. Includes Spanish audio.
With Computable Document Format (CDF) technology, anyone can easily create and publish computation-powered interactive content to illustrate concepts and ideas. In this screencast, see how to create a knowledge app in 60 seconds. Includes Spanish audio.
The Computable Document Format (CDF) bring documents to life with the power of computation. See how easy it is to create interactive documents with CDF in this screencast. Includes Spanish audio.
With Mathematica 8, you can enter your queries in plain English, using the new free-form linguistic input, and access Wolfram|Alpha's more than 10 trillion pieces of curated, up-to-date, and ready-to-use data. Learn more in this screencast. Includes Spanish audio.
Bruce Torrence
Using Mathematica's Manipulate command to create instant dynamic interfaces dramatically helps students understand mathematics. Bruce Torrence, chair of the department of mathematics at Randolph-Macon College, explains in this video. Includes Spanish audio.
Mathematica covers many application areas, making it perfect for use in a variety of different classes. In this screencast, you'll get an introduction to Mathematica and learn how it can help you tackle any type of problem—numeric or symbolic, theoretical or experimental, large-scale or small. Includes Spanish audio.
See why Mathematica is the complete homework and research software to calculate and analyze, learn and explore, visualize and illustrate, document and publish. Includes Spanish audio.
Dana Vazzana
This video features Dana Vazzana, an associate professor of mathematics at Truman State University, who explains why integrating Mathematica into her university-level math classes helps students gain deeper understanding of concepts and insights into real-world applications. Includes Spanish audio.
Philip Zecher
In this video, Philip Zecher, the chief risk officer at EQA Partners, LP, describes how the global hedge fund company used Mathematica to build a comprehensive system to quickly analyze markets, respond to investor requests, and reduce data errors. Includes Spanish audio.
Mathematica integrates important high-performance computing (HPC) technologies in a single seamless system, so you don't have to choose between speed and accuracy. This screencast gives an overview of how to access Mathematica's HPC capabilities. Includes Spanish audio.
Joel Drouillard
Research analyst Joel Drouillard uses Mathematica's data handling for an accurate picture and deeper understanding of how clients search for fixed income securities. He explains the advantages in this video. Includes Spanish audio.
Zhilan Feng
Zhilan Feng, a CDC collaborating researcher, uses Mathematica's computational power to develop and analyze a model of the dynamics and control of H1N1 via medications. Includes Spanish audio.
Mathematica 7 delivers an array of new capabilities, adding image processing, parallel high-performance computing (HPC), new on-demand curated data, and more. This screencast highlights what's new in Mathematica 7. Includes Spanish audio.
Mike Ulrey
Mathematica's graphical and visualization capabilities play a crucial role in developing models to analyze and test the safety of new flight operations. Mike Ulrey, a member of the advanced air traffic management team at Boeing, explains why in this video. Includes Spanish audio.
Bernard Gress
Fannie Mae financial economist Bernard Gress shares the advantages of forecasting stability of mortgages and developing new prediction models in Mathematica. Includes Spanish audio.
George Woodrow
This video features George Woodrow, a research specialist at Quest Diagnostics, who shares how he uses Mathematica for developing process-control algorithms in a clinical laboratory, exploring their performance, and communicating functionality. Includes Spanish audio.
Ariel Sepúlveda
Pronto Analytics founder Ariel Sepúlveda puts Mathematica to work in his company to solve the business intelligence, data mining, and analytics needs of his clients. Includes Spanish audio.
Seth Chandler
Seth Chandler of the University of Houston Law Center analyzes catastrophe models and other data in Mathematica to show how the insurance market can better handle paying for hurricane damages. Includes Spanish audio.
Chris Lee
The mathematics department at Roanoke College makes a firm commitment to incorporating Mathematica throughout its curriculum. Associate professor Chris Lee explains the advantages. Includes Spanish audio.
This tutorial screencast encourages users to work along in Mathematica 7 as they learn the basics to create their first notebook, calculations, visualizations, and interactive examples. Includes Spanish audio.
Frank Scherbaum
Geophysics professor Frank Scherbaum walks through an example of how he used Mathematica to develop an integrated system for students, teachers, and researchers to use in their probabilistic seismic hazard analysis work. Includes Spanish audio.
This screencast helps you get started using Mathematica by introducing some of the most basic concepts, including entering input, understanding the anatomy of functions, working with data and matrix operations, and finding functions. Includes Spanish audio.
Abby Brown
Mathematica gives students the power to manipulate interactive graphics and develop complex data models. High-school teacher Abby Brown shares the success she experiences by using Mathematica in her classroom. Includes Spanish audio.