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Channels: Image Processing Virtual Workshop 2013

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Shadi Ashnai
This video is a quick introduction to Mathematica's highly optimized image processing tools and powerful functions for analyzing and manipulating image data. Shadi Ashnai demonstrates how Mathematica 9 exhibits these features across several different types of image processing applications.
Markus van Almsick
This video discusses how to apply Mathematica's large range of image processing tools to problem solving in several different application areas. Markus van Almsick demonstrates Image processing tasks, including some not-so-serious examples.
Markus van Almsick
This video explains the principles of volume rendering and the art of constructing the right transfer functions. Markus van Almsick explores the drawbacks and extravagant possibilities of this new visualization modality and applies it to real-world data.
Join Wolfram image processing experts Shadi Ashnai, manager of image processing, and Markus van Almsick, lead image processing developer, for Q&A related to image processing in Mathematica 9.