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Quick Tour of Mathematica for Education

Take a quick tour of Mathematica and see what makes it a complete environment for education and academic research.

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Cliff Hastings
Mathematica gives seamless immediate access to an ever-growing library of carefully curated and continually updated data. This screencast shows you how to access and utilize Mathematica's integrated data.
David Morrison
Mathematica provides a uniquely integrated and automated environment for parallel computing. This screencast shows you how to use Mathematica's built-in parallel computing capabilities through a series of examples.
See why Mathematica is the world's ultimate application for computations in this short video tour.
Cliff Hastings
This screencast provides an overview of functionality in Mathematica 7 that makes it easy for educators to integrate into precollege, community college, and higher-education classrooms. It includes many examples of Mathematica's use for education that can be implemented immediately.
The single function Manipulate gives immediate access to a huge range of powerful interactive capabilities. This video gives an introduction to Mathematica's Manipulate command.
Tom Wickham-Jones
The Mathematica help system works with a highly structured set of documents. Each document falls into one of a number of categories, the most important of which are guide pages, reference pages, and tutorials. This screencast gives an overview of the help system in Mathematica 6.