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What's New in Mathematica 9

Mathematica 9 adds major computational areas and introduces a new interface paradigm—further expanding Mathematica's unrivaled base of algorithmic, knowledge, and interface capabilities. Get an overview of what's new in Mathematica 9 in this video.

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Abby Brown
High-school mathematics teacher Abby Brown quickly demonstrates the advantages of teaching with interactive lessons created with Mathematica.
Abby Brown
High-school mathematics teacher Abby Brown quickly describes how easy it is for teachers to create 2D graphs with Wolfram Mathematica.
Wolfram technologies are fueling innovation within industry and redefining the landscape for classroom learning. Discover how at a Wolfram Technology Seminar.
Vitaliy Kaurov
Methods of accessing Wolfram|Alpha from Mathematica are discussed in this Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011 course. Learn how to turn results from Wolfram|Alpha into formatted or raw data and computable code or graphics.
Conrad Wolfram
In this video, Conrad Wolfram gives a brief overview of the advantages of using Mathematica to import and analyze data.