CDF and Mathematica Features Comparison Chart

EnterpriseCDF files expand on the free Wolfram CDF Player, making them particularly well suited for application deployment where data import, text input, and other features are required.




General Usability

Web plugin
Available with all products, but some security sandbox restrictions apply
Open and interact with CDFs
Open and read notebook (.nb) files
Interact with content in notebook (.nb) files    
Create new documents and applications    
Multicore capabilities    
  FreeCDF EnterpriseCDF Mathematica

Documents and Display

Slide show mode
Run pre-generated animations
Open and close grouped cells
Create files*
Launch dialogs*
Change stylesheets  
Save interface state*  
Print files
  FreeCDF EnterpriseCDF Mathematica


Interact with sliders, popup menus, radio buttons, locators, and checkboxes
Rotate graphics
Input cell evaluation
Input cell editing    
Dynamic capabilities other than from Manipulates
View numerical values of sliders
Source-code encryption option  
  FreeCDF EnterpriseCDF Mathematica


Keyboard entry to numerical fields
Keyboard entry to text fields
Access Wolfram-curated data sources
Import data from URL
Import live data (all formats)  
Export live data/files (all formats)*  
Manage files and directories
Save files*  
Dynamic document creation
  FreeCDF EnterpriseCDF Mathematica

Connectivity to Other Programs*

Database connectivity  
  FreeCDF EnterpriseCDF Mathematica

Platforms Supported

Windows 8, 7, Vista
Mac OS X 10.6+ (Intel)
*Security sandbox restrictions apply.