Wolfram SystemModeler Test Engineer

Position Overview:

Wolfram is seeking a highly motivated and skilled Test Engineer to be part of SystemModeler's Quality Assurance department. A successful candidate for this team will have the ability to be flexible and productive in a fast-paced environment.


  • Set up an automatic verification of the GUI functionality using Squish
  • Verification of the workflow by creating models for solving real problems in different domains
  • Clean up and sort our bug reports in Trac
  • Create tests for the Modelica specification, and systematically test those to find the most important bugs
  • Testing of new libraries that are not yet supported by SystemModeler
  • Incremental test of each new internal release to give the developers fast feedback
  • Create test coverage reports for each internal release


  • Mathematica experience
  • Proficiency using Wolfram SystemModeler, Dymola, or similar system modeling environments
  • Testing and verification experience
  • Experience using Trac or JIRA


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