Kerala Sri Lanka 
Mathematica Tour 2011—12–23 September
The New Era of Mathematica Technology

The Kerala Sri Lanka Mathematica Tour 2011 is a unique opportunity to experience the advancements of Mathematica. Designed for both experts and novices in any technical computing field, the tour showcases the breakthroughs that broaden Mathematica's scope and explores its global impact on a wide range of areas, from engineering and finance to research and education.

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of Mathematica's key capabilities and core design principles. They will learn about Wolfram|Alpha, the unique, next-generation computational knowledge engine developed and deployed entirely in Mathematica. In addition, a wide variety of practical and theoretical applications will be discussed.

The tour events are free, but registration is encouraged in order to ensure seat availability. To reserve your seat, please complete the registration form.