Wolfram Technologies @
AAAS 2017 Boston, MA
February 16–20

From students to top R&D innovators, Wolfram offers powerful, cross-platform computing for world-class scientific collaboration and advancement. With free, cloud-based tools, interactive visualization and the unrivaled Wolfram Knowledgebase, we deliver the ideal workflow for turning computational ideas into reality across the global science community.


February 16–20 | Booth #500

Get acquainted with Wolfram technologies. Attend in-booth demonstrations of the knowledge-based Wolfram Language, Mathematica and other innovative offerings that bring better solutions for scientific research and education.

Key New Features

  • Highly automated machine learning with pre-trained models, advanced methods and a high-performance framework for neural networks
  • Enhanced signal processing capabilities, including audio synthesis and analysis, 2D and 3D image processing and discrete data visualization
  • Specialized 2D and 3D visualizations for anatomy, geography, history, linguistics and many other subject areas
  • Improved geographic computations, including travel times, directions and geo location services
  • Extended support for random processes and probability distributions, along with new functions for generating random points and matrices
  • Additional curated knowledge domains from nutrition to linguistics, with improved data alignment for easy computation between domains
  • Analyze and segment textual data, explore word usage history and parse free-form input with high-level natural language processing
  • An ever-growing list of interpreter types for specifying input and representing real-world objects and concepts
  • Built-in connectivity to external services and databases such as Google, Wikipedia, arXiv, PubChem and social networks
  • Seamless import/export for hundreds of file types, with new high-level semantics for automatic structuring of incoming data

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