Wolfram at APS 2014—Denver, CO, March 3–7

From embedded devices to supercomputers, from
students to Nobel winners—your complete research solution.

In-Booth Event
Get acquainted with Wolfram technologies. Attend in-booth demonstrations of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and the Computable Document Format (CDF).

March 3–7All Day
Booth 1113

Wolfram Technologies

Mathematica »

Get started quickly with Mathematica's free-form input, then easily turn examples into dynamic models.

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Wolfram Language»

Program with a highly developed knowledge-based language that unifies a broad range of programming paradigms and adds flexibility with its symbolic programming capabilities.

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Computable Document Format (CDF) »

Bring your documents to life with interactive content and live computations.

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Wolfram|Alpha »

Directly access, compute, and analyze curated data in many fields with Wolfram|Alpha.

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See Industry Solutions

Astronomy »

Compute positions of astronomical objects in real time, build models, analyze data, and instantly create interactive visualizations—all in one system.

Materials Science »

Model new materials using powerful symbolic and numeric computational abilities, visualize crystal structures interactively, and measure performance by analyzing deformation and failure data with sophisticated statistics.

Optics »

Optimize systems of symbolically defined lenses and mirrors, test optical components with built-in image processing or data analysis functions, and calculate complex ray-tracing models.

Statistics »

Pull in your data or ours, do standardized or custom analysis and visualization, then generate and deploy interactive reports—all in one system, with one integrated workflow.

Data Science »

Bring in your data, combine it with Wolfram|Alpha's ever-increasing store of knowledge, apply sophisticated symbolic and numeric analysis, and create state-of-the-art visualizations.

Higher Education »

Find out why faculty and staff worldwide use Mathematica for everything from teaching simple concepts to doing serious research.

Wolfram Education Portal »

Explore a new way of learning—dynamic textbooks and lessons, interactive Demonstrations, and more.


Knowledge on the Go

Get immediate access to deep computational knowledge in many areas, including statistics, physics, and astronomy, with Wolfram|Alpha mobile apps.

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Wolfram Community

Join the users of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram SystemModeler, and the entire family of Wolfram products to discuss, share, and learn together.

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