The Power to Model Reality at High Fidelity with Wolfram Technologies at ASME 2013 San Diego, CA, November 17–20

Combine modeling with the ultimate computation environment for an all-in-one integrated workflow.

In-Booth Event
Get acquainted with Wolfram technologies. Attend in-booth demonstrations of Mathematica, SystemModeler, Wolfram|Alpha, and the Computable Document Format (CDF).

Nov 17–20All Day
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Wolfram Technologies


Compute, visualize, and deploy your engineering results in one integrated system. Includes built-in control systems, signal processing, and image processing capabilities.

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Model multi-engineering systems using predefined components in an easy drag-and-drop environment with Wolfram SystemModeler.

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Computable Document Format (CDF)»

Bring your documents to life with interactive content and live computations.

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Directly access, compute, and analyze curated data in many fields with Wolfram|Alpha.

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Solutions for...

Mechanical Engineering»

Design and simulate your mechanical systems with interactive applications using built-in surface-modeling capabilities and sophisticated optimization routines—one system, one integrated workflow.

Industrial Engineering»

Optimize your processes, implement quality management measures, rapidly prototype and deploy interactive applications, and generate live reports automatically.

Control Systems»

Build and analyze control systems, document design decisions, and interactively test
controllers—all in one system.

Electrical Engineering»

Perform sophisticated image and signal processing, analyze and design algorithms, simulate interactive systems, and instantly deploy the dynamic applications.