11 May 2017

Computation Meets Data Science: London Technology Conference 2017

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Wolfram Research,
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Data science professionals, Wolfram technology experts and members of the Catapult network are coming together to share their knowledge and experience with you at the Computation Meets Data Science conference. Hear their opinions, discuss your own challenges and network with other attendees while seeing the latest advances in computational technology.

By showcasing how to inject cutting-edge computation at every level in your data science workflow, this conference seeks to promote how an "analytics-driven" decision-making culture can result in better, more insightful answers. So whether you're looking to improve your data science methodologies, empower technical collaboration or construct an enterprise-wide computation strategy, this conference will provide fresh advice and new perspectives.

Featured topics include machine learning, data visualisation, advanced analytics and infographics, with applications ranging from healthcare to finance, digital manufacturing to the Internet of Things and many more!


Conrad Wolfram Wolfram Research Strategic Director and European Cofounder/CEO of the Wolfram Group of Companies Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician and technologist, is the strategic director and European cofounder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. He regularly speaks on the vision of combining human and computer capabilities to improve society's ability to compute answers. Recent blogs and talks include "How Citizen Computation Changes Democracy" and "Post-Truth: Shocking Indictment of Today's Maths Education." Conrad is the founder of computerbasedmath.org, an organisation to lead a fundamental shift of maths education to a computational thinking approach that equips students for real, computer-based analytical skills of the future. See Conrad’s personal blog, http://www.conradwolfram.com.
Jon McLoone Wolfram Research Europe Director of Technical Communication and Strategy As Director of Technical Services, Communication and Strategy at Wolfram Research Europe, Jon McLoone is central to driving the company's technical business strategy and leading the consulting solutions team. With over 25 years of experience working with Wolfram technologies, Jon has helped in directing software development, system design, technical marketing, corporate policy, business strategies and much more.
Fredrik Döberl Ablona AB Owner and Founder Mr Döberl (MSc computer science, MBA) is the cofounder of Ablona—a Swedish management consultancy specializing in mergers and acquisition and related services. Before founding Ablona, he worked in various leading and operational roles (management consultant, managing director, consulting principal) spanning from startups, VC-funded companies and large enterprises; see http://www.linkedin.com/in/fredrikdoberl.
Marco Thiel University of Aberdeen Professor of Mathematics and Physics Marco is an applied mathematician with training in theoretical physics and dynamical systems, and is currently a full professor of applied mathematics and physics at the University of Aberdeen. Apart from some more theoretical work in mathematics, his main area of work is mathematical modelling: a kind of hired gun for other scientists in applied areas of research which need some mathematical modelling for their projects. Some of the applications he has worked on so far include Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, traffic modelling, studying the stability of our solar system, modelling the life cycle of a biological cell, population dynamics, synchronisation of heartbeats of mother and foetus, financial and forensic mathematics, voting patterns, movement of newborns, climate modelling and patterns in the mating behaviour of fireflies.
Alison Lowndes NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Developer Relations Alison B. Lowndes is responsible for NVIDIA's artificial intelligence developer relations in the EMEA region. She is a mature graduate in artificial intelligence, which combines technical and theoretical computer science with a physics background. After researching image and feature recognition using GPUs and deep learning at the University of Leeds, Alison joined NVIDIA as a deep learning solutions architect. She consults on a wide range of AI applications, including planetary defence with NASA, and continues to manage the community of AI and machine learning researchers. As AI DevRel, she stays knowledgeable in the state of the art across all areas of research and advises, teaches and evangelizes NVIDIA’s platform around the globe. View her LinkedIn Profile here: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alisonlowndes.
Adrian Ericsson Director Dynamo Analytics Adrian cofounded Dynamo Analytics after a 15-year career building and implementing statistical, analytical and financial models for global insurance companies. A qualified actuary with diverse practical experience, Adrian has established and led technical teams in both the UK and South Africa. Adrian focuses on the build and industrialisation of financial and analytical models in businesses.
Joanne Hackett Commercial Director Genomics England As commercial director, Joanne is responsible for Genomics England’s industry engagement strategy by developing, managing and accelerating relationships with commercial organisations—creating opportunities for collaboration both nationally and globally. Joanne is a clinical academic with a formidable track record of entrepreneurial success, as she translates academic research into medical and commercial returns.
Adrien Muller Business Innovation Satellite Applications Catapult
John Overington CIO Precision Medicine Catapult John studied chemistry at the University of Bath, and then completed a PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London. There he developed automated approaches to protein modelling, contributing to the development of the programs COMPOSER and MODELLER; however, his major research was on sequence-structure relationships, exploring the constraints applied by the local physical environment of a residue in constraining mutational trajectory (JOY and HOMSTRAD). John then held a postdoctoral position at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now part of CRUK). John then joined Pfizer (1992), originally as a computational chemist, progressing to a role in which he led a multidisciplinary group combining rational drug design with structural biology. In 2000, John moved to a startup biotech company, Inpharmatica, where he led the development of a series of computational and data platforms to improve drug discovery. In 2015, he joined a London-based technology company, Stratified Medical/BenevolentAI, where he continued his translational drug discovery informatics research and development activities. In this role, John was involved in the development of novel data extraction and integration strategies, as well as integrating deep learning and other artificial intelligence approaches to drug target validation and drug optimisation. John currently works as CIO at the UK's Medicines Discovery Catapult.
Anat Elhalal Lead Technologist for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Digital Catapult Dr. Anat Elhalal is the lead technologist for artificial intelligence and machine learning at Digital Catapult, providing technological leadership across industry sectors and programmes, with a focus on identifying innovation and adoption barriers specific to AI and developing interventions to address those barriers. Anat is an applied science researcher with over 15 years of academic and industry experience in analysing and predicting behaviour based on research, real-world data and mathematical modelling. Previously, Anat led global data science teams at various startups within the vibrant London scene: for Peak, the cognitive training app; VisualDNA, providing consumer profiling for fair credit scoring; and earlier FAROO, a peer-to-peer search engine. Anat trained in physics, statistical modelling and cognitive science, with a PhD in modelling human memory using neural networks. Her interests include distributed ledger technology, baking and rock climbing.
Keith Harrison Head of Knowledge Management Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Keith has more than 25 years of global energy and utility market experience, from generation to retail operations. As head of knowledge management at the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult Ltd and a founding director of Wind Energy Benchmarking Services (WEBS) Ltd, Keith is responsible for the development and implementation of the ORE Catapult's information services strategy, including wind O&M benchmarking and analytics. Prior to Keith's current position in the ORE Catapult, Keith held senior global industry analyst roles in both EY and Gartner Research.
More speakers to be announced shortly.

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The Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company created to foster growth across the economy through the exploitation of space. They are transforming the way the world uses satellite technology by raising awareness and increasing demand for satellite-enabled services. They are helping to make space technology more readily accessible and helping businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to overcome the challenges of working in the space sector.

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9:00 Registration and Coffee
9:45 Opening Remarks

Anat Elhalal

Adrian Smith

Conrad Wolfram—Multiparadigm Data Science

10:30 Practitioners Panel: How Computation Has Changed My Outlook on Data

Fredrik Döberl—Fake News and Misleading Narratives: Computer-Based Analysis of Russian State-Sponsored Media Articles

Marco Thiel—From Data to Knowledge

Adrian Ericsson—From 7 Days to 7 Seconds: Turning Ad Hoc Analyses into Strategic Models

11:45 Coffee Break
12:05 Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Data Science
12:35 Interactive Session: Share Your Insights
12:50 Lunch
13:35 Panel: Using Data Science to Make Change

Keith Harrison—Digitalisation of the Renewable Energy Sector: Key Data Challenges

Adrien Muller—Title to be announced

John Overington—Title to be announced

14:50 Interactive Session: Feedback
15:05 Coffee Break
15:25 Future of Data Science Education
15:45 Panel: Building a Data Science Infrastructure

Alison Lowndes—Enabling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Anat Elhalal—Democratising HPC

Joanne Hackett—The Future of Genetic Data

16:55 Closing Remarks


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