GPU Computation Using Mathematica and CUDA
Presented by Wolfram Research

Join us in 2011 on March 14 at 6pm, March 16 at 10am, March 18 at 2pm, March 30 at noon, or April 4 at 5pm for our "S70: GPU Computation Using Mathematica and CUDA" webinar. All times are U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

You'll discover the many ways in which you can utilize Mathematica 8 with NVIDIA's GPU technology. The webinar will provide an overview and use cases for CUDA and OpenCL, as well as a tutorial on how to use CUDA from within Mathematica.


Overview of GPU, CUDA, and OpenCL
Reasons for using the GPU, overviews of CUDA and OpenCL, and use cases for the features

Image Processing on the GPU
How to perform image processing operations on the GPU and develop new operators using CUDAImageConvolve, CUDAErosion, CUDADilation, and more

Programming the GPU Using Mathematica
Basic examples on how to program the GPU using CUDAFunctionLoad and OpenCLFunctionLoad

GPU Programming Workflow within Mathematica
Covering tips on how to maximize portability of code, offer the highest precision, and use multiple GPUs on the same machine or across the grid