London | 5 March 2015

Master Your
Data with

1-Day Wolfram Technology Conference

  • Software Development
  • Financial Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Mobile and Cloud Development
  • HPC
  • Image Processing
  • And Many Other Fields...

We're sorry, but this event is no longer open to registrations. If you would like information on this event or any future events, please email

About Wolfram Technologies

Achieve insightful answers and decisions everywhere, allowing you to deliver an enterprise infrastructure for tomorrow's innovators. Employing coherent design, automation, and computational knowledge, the Wolfram Language is evolving the future of data science, finance, engineering, biosciences, image processing, and software development. Hybrid cloud-desktop computation with unprecedented levels of integration, flexibility, and simplicity provides the platform for Enterprise Computation strategies that maximise coherence of design and breadth of access.
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Who Should Attend

  • Technology strategists who want to revolutionise their industry with computation by fully optimising their and their team's workflows.
  • Anyone looking for the best technology solutions for their next project in the fields of data science, financial engineering, software development, biosciences, chemistry, physics, and more.
  • Experienced Wolfram technology users who want to see what's next in tomorrow's computation.


At One Canada Square in the business hub of London, we welcome our attendees to the spectacular Level39. We just hope that the amazing view will not distract our attendees too much on the day!
Address: Level39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AB.

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