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Wolfram Finance Platform: What's New | Virtual Seminar for Asia Pacific
Applying Ultimate Computation to Your Enterprise—Wolfram Finance Platform 2
Presenting the New Wolfram Finance Platform 2

Performing asset allocation? Developing front-to-back trading systems? Creating data-rich reports with live computations? Join us at the virtual seminar. Be the first to hear about the latest additions to Wolfram Finance Platform—including computation-driven report generation, integrated random processes, real-time units, and currency conversion—directly from senior Wolfram staff. Presentations are delivered in English with Japanese subtitles available. Live Q&A is offered with both English-speaking and Japanese-speaking Wolfram staff.

See these examples at the event:
  • Computation-driven report generation
  • Comprehensive random processes
  • Built-in integration with R
  • Enhanced graphs and networks
  • Units and real-time currency conversion
  • Integrated signal processing
  • Intelligent dashboard with gauge control
  • Advanced calendar options

Speakers include »

Martin Hadley
Technical Presenter

Nick Lariviere
Core Mathematica Engineer

Anmol Bajracharya
Technology Engineer

Michael Kelly
Wolfram Technology Consultant