New York City Optimizing Financial Modeling 
2011—January 27
Presented by Wolfram Research in Partnership with NVIDIA

Thank you for joining us in downtown New York City, New York for the Optimizing Financial Modeling seminar.

We hope you discovered why many of the world's leading financial institutions rely on Mathematica as their computational tool of choice and how using Mathematica in combination with NVIDIA's groundbreaking GPU technology can give you the edge you need in an increasingly competitive environment.

If you were unable to attend, or wish to view the materials again, you can download the full presentations, the updated CUDA White Paper, videos, and more in the Presentations and Papers section.

What You Will Learn:

Learn what you can do with Mathematica and NVIDIA GPU technology to increase efficiencies in your workflow:
  • Analyze data quickly by seamlessly connecting to databases and other software programs
  • Customize analysis by leveraging application-specific functions with a high-level programming language
  • Automatically apply any of the known trading indicators
  • Perform code optimization and parallel processing of Monte Carlo simulations
  • Automate calculations and reports to capture around-the-world market data 24/7
  • Easily create reports, charts, and interactive GUIs for presentations
  • Reduce development time by working entirely within one environment
  • Transform modeling, simulation, and visualization performance by up to a factor of 100