Wolfram Technologies @
PAW 2018 Las Vegas, NV
June 5–6

Multiparadigm data science: software and services—the new approach to predictive analytics, combining advanced AI and machine learning, high-level automation, and computable data resources to create and deploy interactive notebooks and interfaces on any platform, at any scale.

Featured Talk

Machine Learning and Neural Networks Using the Wolfram Language

Dr. Michael Kelly

Recent rapid developments in machine learning and neural networks have outstripped the capability of most programming languages to cope with the enormous volume of new technology and concepts. This has made understanding and use of these new paradigms very difficult for all but the computing cognoscenti. The solution is the high-level symbolic/numeric hybrid Wolfram Language that provides functional tools for top-level classification and prediction as well as lower-level construction of the neural network layers that form the basis of machine learning algorithms today.

Wednesday, June 6
Room Pisa

In-Booth Event

See interactive livecoding demonstrations and talk to Wolfram's computation experts about how we can help drive progress and innovation in your organization.

June 5–6
Booth #317

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