Be Part of the Computational Revolution


This free-to-attend, one-hour presentation will help you explore how modern computation is changing and will highlight ways to save time and stay competitive. Wolfram technologies are fueling innovation within industry and redefining the landscape for classroom learning.

Presentation will cover the following:

  • Authoring and deploying dynamic content with CDF
  • Combining knowledge, computation, and natural language with Wolfram|Alpha
  • Reducing your dependence on multiple applications
  • Editing text, generating quizzes or reports, and making presentations
  • Modeling, simulation, and analysis with Wolfram SystemModeler
  • Experiencing Mathematica's integrated data sources for chemicals, particles, cities and countries, financial instruments, astronomical objects, and more
  • Utilizing Mathematica in education and research
  • Leveraging visualization tools and annotated graph

Mathematica: An Introduction

This mini-training course (90 minutes), also free to attend, will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of Mathematica in a hands-on session. Feel free to bring your laptop along and join in the exercises delivered by Martin.


  • Step-by-step instruction on performing basic operations, building up computations, and navigating the user interface, as well as a description of how to navigate and take full advantage of the documentation system

Visualization and graphics

  • Two- and three-dimensional plotting, plotting data, using options, and creating dynamic and interactive graphics

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Martin Hadley is a member of the Technical Communications and Strategy Group and works in the Oxfordshire office of Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. He's responsible for the delivery of technical presentations and a range of training events and courses. Martin earned his degree of MPhys and BSc in Physics at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.