Live Coding and Q&A with Stephen Wolfram

Live and unscripted: see Stephen Wolfram do a new kind of coding —that's powering a new generation of startups and letting anyone turn ideas into reality with code like never before. Stephen has spent three decades building the technology stack that makes possible the Wolfram Language—which powers Wolfram|Alpha and many other things, and is now freely accessible in the cloud. Expect to see Stephen think in public, creating code and answering requests from the audience.

Monday, March 14
Salon E, JW Marriott


Stop by our booth throughout SXSW Interactive to see live-coding demonstrations and get a chance to talk with Wolfram's computation experts.

March 13–16
Booth #413


Building Smart Applications That Learn

Creating a smart web or mobile application is much easier when you have access to state-of-the-art image, language, and machine learning functionality. We will demonstrate how to build powerful applications that can understand natural language, either from textual or audio sources; make use of computer vision functions, such as face and object recognition; and easily access external data sources. Finally, we will show how to use machine learning to create a self-learning application. This workshop will be interactive, with participants creating their own applications and deploying them to the cloud, mainly using the Wolfram Language.

Saturday, March 12
Room 5ABC, Austin Convention Center
Twitter hashtag: #WolframApp


Injecting Machine Learning Everywhere
Etienne Bernard

Machine learning could be useful to your project, but you might not know it yet. Programming, science, engineering, and even art: all could benefit from increased use of this powerful method. With the advent of automatic machine learning tools, this technique is becoming more accessible and popular.

Saturday, March 12
Room 8ABC, Austin Convention Center