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Methods and topics

Wolfram SystemModeler is the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool. It's designed to connect perfectly with Mathematica for the ultimate integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis workflow. With examples from avionics, life sciences, energy production, education, and more, this example-driven presentation of Wolfram SystemModeler will show you how to develop models of complex systems using drag-and-drop, and will illustrate how to take the models seamlessly into Mathematica for simulation analysis as well as model design.

  • Introduction to the world of systems modeling
  • Creating complex models in a variety of fields using SystemModeler
  • Visualizing and animating results
  • Control system design using SystemModeler and Mathematica
  • Analyzing results and creating interactive reports in Mathematica
  • Examples on how to use SystemModeler in education, research, and industry

About the Presenter:

Aravind Hanasoge

Aravind Hanasoge has been a member of the Wolfram Technology Group since November 2009. His area of specialty is in the field of dynamics and control, with a focus on stability analysis and modeling and simulation of dynamical systems. Hanasoge has taught a graduate-level course on control systems, which involved conducting classes, lab sessions, projects, and exams. Before that, he worked as a tutor for mathematics, physics, and chemistry to undergraduate students. At Wolfram Research, Hanasoge is active in presenting courses, seminars, and workshops on a variety of Mathematica-related topics. He has been a certified instructor with Wolfram Research since 2011.


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