Wolfram Technology Conference 2010
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We are pleased to welcome the following partners, each of whom provides materials or services that can improve the way you use Wolfram Research products. Interested in sponsoring? Contact us at partnerships@wolfram.com.

Thomson Reuters
Microway—Technology you can count on
Nimbis Services
Scheduled Talk »

Cloud Services for Mathematica
October 13 & 14, 2010
Wolfram Technology Conference 2010, Champaign, IL

At 3:30pm Central Time on Wednesday, October 13, Nimbis Services, an innovative provider of HPC cloud services, will present "Building HPC Cloud Service Portals: Cloud Mathematica—A Case Study". Additionally, Nimbis will host a demonstration station showcasing their Cloud Services for Mathematica services. Visit the Nimbis demo station on Wednesday after 2pm and all day Thursday to see live demos. Nimbis is currently recruiting Beta 2 users. Please join Nimbis for the presentation, and check out their demonstration!

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