23–24, 2017

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Join the Armenian Wolfram Technology Conference to explore how computation can empower you and your organization in research, development, deployment—and progress. Wolfram is a world expert in computation with technologies like Wolfram|Alpha (powering knowledge in Apple's Siri), the Wolfram Cloud, the Computable Document Format (CDF), Mathematica and the core of them all: the Wolfram Language. This conference will showcase how you can combine your workflows with computation to deliver quicker and smarter results.

Expert Insights

Wolfram developers and colleagues will discuss the latest developments and features for cloud computing, interactive deployment, mobile devices and more.

Wolfram Technologies Workshops

Participants will join Wolfram developers in immersive hands-on workshops on our newest features and capabilities designed to teach or introduce participants to practical skills and techniques that can be put into workflows immediately.


The Wolfram Technology Conference brings together the best and brightest technological innovators from multiple disciplines. During topical "Meet-Ups," scheduled networking events and informal discussions, attendees talk shop with those who "get it"—establishing best practices, brainstorming, making new connections and problem solving.

What to Expect

New Technology

Wolfram is innovating at a breathtaking pace. Attendees will get up to speed on the latest applications of our cutting-edge technology like cloud-based computation, data science, interactive deployment and knowledge management.


Whatever the level of knowledge, this is the chance to learn and explore what Wolfram technology makes possible in a broad range
of fields. Attendees will see how Mathematica, CDF, SystemModeler, Wolfram|Alpha and others could make their organization more efficient, more effective and more informed.


This is a great chance to meet those who develop this technology, as well as those who use it. With plenty of networking opportunities throughout the conference, attendees will come away with a comprehensive grasp on our technology and be part of a thriving and dynamic community.