19–20 June 2017

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EUROPEAN WOLFRAM TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2017 19-20 June 2017| 9-6pm| Nemo museum Amsterdam


The European Wolfram Technology Conference is a great stage for users to share their own stories, which is an integral part of the learning experience. Submit a talk topic for presentation at this year's event.

Note: the submission deadline is 24 April 2017.

Submissions are encouraged in but not limited to
the following areas:

  • Machine learning and neural networks
  • Audio processing
  • Cloud deployment in the Wolfram Cloud
  • Computational finance
  • Enterprise computation strategies
  • Educational tools and courseware development
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Efficient numerical computation
  • Signal and image processing
  • Integrated workflows, from research to production
  • Computational application deployment and development
  • Finite element method
  • Computational geometry
  • System modeling and simulation
  • Analyzing and processing big data

Submission guidelines

We request that all submissions are made through our submissions form. Please keep abstracts to 250 words or less and use the abstract template located on the submission form. Your submission does not have to be in its final form.

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