Venezuela Mathematica Training Event 2011—9–11 March

The Venezuela Mathematica Training Event 2011 on 9-11 March is a unique opportunity to experience the advancements of Mathematica 8. With improvements like the new free-form input and expanded areas like finance, statistics, engineering, software development, and image processing, experts and novices in any technical computing field report learning quite a bit from this Mathematica training event. This event showcases the breakthroughs that broaden Mathematica's scope and explores its global impact on a wide range of areas in research and education.

Participants can choose between a variety of lecture and hands-on training sessions over the course of three days. Wolfram Research trainers will give hands-on workshops to teach participants about incorporating Wolfram technologies into daily workflow, what Mathematica's key capabilities are for a given application, and how to become more familiar with available resources to get started right away.

Registration is encouraged to ensure seat availability. To reserve your seat, please complete the registration form.

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