Notebook Properties to mimic Documentation Center

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Notebook Properties to mimic Documentation Center

Postby Sean_Corcoran » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:48 pm

After trying the deploy option on class a bit, it looks like this might be too restrictive for my class. I'd like the notebook to be as interactive and editable as possible but protect the document from accidentally being overwritten. Essentially, I'd like to mimic the settings for the Documentation Center. One of the great things with the documentation center is that you can edit cells / add cells etc directly in the help center but you can not accidentally save over the original help files. You also can't change or edit the stylesheet.

I've tried setting the options of my notebook "saveable" to false but it turns out that if you have the "Show Toolbar" option set in the Window menu, the save button on the toolbar will overwrite the original file. This does not happen in the help system however. Does anyone know how to set the notebook options to do the following:

1. disable the save button on the "Show Toolbar" option
2. disable the ability to edit / change stylesheets
3. overall mimic the permissions and restrictions of the help system notebooks.

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