Hands-on Start to Mathematica --- TAKE 2

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Hands-on Start to Mathematica --- TAKE 2

Postby Cliff_Hastings » Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:11 pm

Last year, I created the Hands-on Start to Mathematica series (linked below) in response to faculty's desire to utilize Mathematica more in their classes without having to spend time teaching their students how to use Mathematica. From the nearly 35K views in just the last few months, I'm glad to see that it's popular.

Before the Fall semester, though, I'd like to give it a facelift and get your feedback on things that I should include --- or, alternatively, things that you didn't find useful in the first two videos created. And, if there are certain languages you'd like it translated for, let me know those as well. I look forward to your responses! Thanks, Cliff
Hands-on Start Parts 1 and 2:
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Re: Hands-on Start to Mathematica --- TAKE 2

Postby Jose_GR » Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:01 pm

Being a complete newbie to Mathematica, I found your first two videocasts very enlightening.
My lack of experience does not really allow me to suggest adding anything.
But at about 20 minutes each, I found them quite long. I do not suggest removing any contents, instead just break them up into several shorter videocasts.
I think around 5 minutes would be ideal for introductory subjects, but if some in particular need a little longer that should be ok too.
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