Pre-Calculus Courseware

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Pre-Calculus Courseware

Postby Andy_Dorsett » Tue May 11, 2010 9:00 pm

As a former high school math teacher (and briefly, an adjunct math professor), I leaned quite heavily on my lesson plans. When I began teaching upper-level math, I needed quality examples and explanations in front of me. I have created some Courseware (my rendition of my old lesson plans revamped and improved with Mathematica) for users to grab, update, use, modify, share, and criticque. The majority of them fall into what could be classified as High School Algebra 2, High School Pre-Caluclus, or College Algebra.

The link to these is here: ... &x=14&y=12

I would love some feedback on these. I plan on making more courseware items, but I want to make sure that the ones I have already created are hitting the mark.
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