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How-to Subscribe to a Faculty Program Forum Topic

Postby Tasha_Dunaway » Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:44 pm

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered that I wasn't getting forum notifications, making my forum participation/response time lousy at best. "How could I have neglected to receive all the great topic posts and subsequent discussions?" I wondered. Upon first gaining access to the forum, I had carefully gone through and made sure the "Subscribe" box was checked at the very bottom of each topic, ensuring my up-to-date knowledge of forum topics. But nothing happened. Why?

Here's why. What I took to believe ensured my subscription to topics was merely the first step. Here's how to ensure you're subscribed to topics so you too can be an active member in the forum:
* Select any topic
* Scroll ALL THE WAY down to the blue footer at the bottom of the page
* Next to "Board index" you should see a tiny box next to the word "Subscribe" (if you're like me, your box was checked, making you possibly assume you were already subscribed)
* Click on "Subscribe" (this should take you to a new page, and at the bottom the blue footer should now say "Unsubscribe topic" (this is how you know you are really subscribed)
* Ta-da! Respond to as many posts as you want, because from time-to-time the moderator will have special contests for those especially active on the forum

We know you have a lot to say, and we're ready to respond!


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