Two new GPU computing free online seminars

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Two new GPU computing free online seminars

Postby Kathy_Bautista » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:43 pm

For those of you who are interested in GPU programming with Mathematica, here are two new Wolfram Education Group free online seminars that may be of particular interest.

S71: Advanced GPU Programming Using Mathematica and CUDA ... s/s71.html
This seminar provides an in-depth overview of the new GPU programming functionality in Mathematica 8 through CUDA. Topics include how to compile CUDA code into an executable, load user-defined CUDA functions into Mathematica, use CUDA memory handles to increase memory bandwidth, and use Mathematica parallel tools to compute on multiple GPUs either on the same machine or across networks, as well as a discussion about the general workflow of CUDA programming within Mathematica.

S72: GPU Computation Using Mathematica and OpenCL ... s/s72.html
This seminar provides an introductory overview of the new GPU functionality in Mathematica 8 by using OpenCL. Topics include reasons for using the GPU, overviews of OpenCL and CUDA, some use cases for OpenCL, how to use OpenCL from within Mathematica, and the GPU programming workflow within Mathematica.

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