Tranformations on Functions

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Tranformations on Functions

Postby Andrew_Bayliss » Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:17 pm

I was wondering if anyone could check my code for the following demonstration on transforming functions.

Code: Select all
q[x_]=(x-1)^2-1/;x>=0;Manipulate[Grid[{{TraditionalForm[A func[B x+W]+G]},{Plot[A*func[B*x+W]+G,{x,-6,6},PlotRange->{-6,6},PlotStyle->Thick,ImageSize->550]}},Alignment->Center,Spacings->{4,3}],{{func,n,"Function"},{
n->"f(x) = x",f->"f(x) = x^2", g->"f(x) = x^3", h->"f(x) = Sqrt[x]",k->"f(x) = |x|",j->"f(x) = sin(x)",
s->"f(x) = [x]",t->"f(x) = ln(x)",m->"f(x) = sgn (x)",r->"f(x) = 1/x",q->"f(x) = special"},PopupMenu},{{A,1},-3,3,1/4},{{B,1},-3,3,1/4},{{W,0,"C"},-5,5,.5},{{G,0,"D"},-5,5,.5}]

The problem is that if I take the labels in the PopupMenu (ex "f(x) = x^2"), and I format it within the quotation marks to how I want it to appear in the demonstration with the superscript, using a particular font, font face, and size). When I reopen the file containing the demonstration, the code is all messed up and won't evaluate. I get the following code.

Code: Select all
"f(x) =\!\(\*
StyleBox[SuperscriptBox["x", "2"],
FontFamily->"Times New Roman",

Where the f(x) retains its formatting, but then I get the " \!\(\*..." and it won't evaluate correctly, unless I go back and change everything back. I really like the demonstration, and I have used it a few times in class. However like the previous topic I have no idea why formatting is so hard. If you have any suggestions for improving the code, please let me know.

Andrew Bayliss
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Re: Tranformations on Functions

Postby telefunkenvf14 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:23 pm

Better late than never...

I'm not exactly certain of what all you want formatted in Times, Italic, and 16pt, but using DisplayForm may help. Wrap the (slightly edited) contents of the error message you were receiving in DisplayForm and you get some pretty-printing output in the front end:

Code: Select all
DisplayForm[StyleBox["f(x) = " SuperscriptBox["x","2"],FontFamily->"Times New Roman",FontSize->16,FontSlant->"Italic"]]

Here is a stripped-down version of the code you gave:

Code: Select all
f[x_] = x^2;
     StyleBox[A func[B x + W] + G, FontFamily -> "Times New Roman",
      FontSize -> 16, FontSlant -> "Italic"]]}, {Plot[
     A*func[B*x + W] + G, {x, -6, 6}, PlotRange -> {-6, 6},
     PlotStyle -> Thick, ImageSize -> 550]}}, Alignment -> Center,
  Spacings -> {4, 3}], {{func, f,
   "Function"}, {f ->
     StyleBox["f(x) = " SuperscriptBox["x", "2"],
      FontFamily -> "Times New Roman", FontSize -> 16,
      FontSlant -> "Italic"]]}}, {{A, 1}, -3, 3, 1/4}, {{B, 1}, -3, 3,
   1/4}, {{W, 0, "C"}, -5, 5, .5}, {{G, 0, "D"}, -5, 5, .5}]


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