O'Reilly Ebook Deal of Day: Mathematica Cookbook ($9.99)

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O'Reilly Ebook Deal of Day: Mathematica Cookbook ($9.99)

Postby telefunkenvf14 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:48 pm


I originally posted the following to MathGroup and thought many of you might also be interested. The coupon code still works as of July 2nd. (And I'm posting this in several parts of the board so more people see it!!---Admins: I'm not trying to spam!!!)




I purchased the brand new Mathematica Cookbook when it came out and
just noticed it was listed as an ebook 'deal of the day' a while
back... I'm not sure how long the offer stays open---so get on it!!
(FYI, I did check and the code worked for me as of June, 9th.)


Select 'ebook' format and enter the following coupon code at checkout:

IMO, Sal has done a great job with this book. Lots of comparisons with
other languages and programming paradigms. You really can't go wrong
at this price! (in addition to PDF, you're also able to download the
book in .nb file format.)

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Re: O'Reilly Ebook Deal of Day: Mathematica Cookbook ($9.99)

Postby sjlukacs » Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:29 pm

it doesn't work anymore
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