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MathLink Development in C
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MathLink Development in C
Pages: 54, b&w
ISBN: 978-1-57955-070-7
Year: 2008

MathLink allows external programs both to call Mathematica, and to be called by Mathematica. By using MathLink, you can, for example, treat Mathematica essentially like a subroutine embedded inside an external program. Or you can create a front end that implements your own user interface, and communicates with the Mathematica kernel via MathLink. You can also use MathLink to let Mathematica call individual functions inside an external program. This tutorial discusses some of the details of MathLink development of special interest to software developers. An overview of using MathLink is presented in the separate tutorial collection "Systems Interfaces and Deployment".

Table of Contents

MathLink Development in C (Windows) | MathLink Developer Guide (Mac OS X) | MathLink Development in C (Unix and Linux)

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