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.NET/Link User Guide
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.NET/Link User Guide
Pages: 121, b&w
ISBN: 978-1-57955-072-1
Year: 2008

This tutorial introduces you to .NET/Link, a product that integrates Mathematica and Microsoft's .NET platform. .NET/Link lets you call .NET from Mathematica in a completely transparent way, and allows you to use and control the Mathematica kernel from a .NET program. For Mathematica users, .NET/Link makes the entire .NET world an automatic extension to the Mathematica environment. For .NET programmers, .NET/Link turns Mathematica into a scripting shell that lets you experiment with, build, and test .NET classes a line at a time. It also makes .NET an ideal environment for writing programs that use the computational services of Mathematica.

Table of Contents

Introduction | Calling .NET from Mathematica | Calling Mathematica from .NET

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