Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection
Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection
Pages: 3668, b&w
ISBN: X1500
Year: 2008
$ 384.95
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Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection

Printed in black and white, the Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection comprises select tutorials from the Wolfram Mathematica Documentation Center. It is based on the Version 7 in-product documentation and contains extensive information on the functions, capabilities, and unified architecture of the Mathematica system. This set includes all 23 of the separate printed volumes.


Advanced Algebra | Advanced Numerical Differential Equation Solving in Mathematica | Advanced Numerical Integration in Mathematica | Advanced String Patterns | Constrained Optimization | Core Language | Data Manipulation | DatabaseLink User Guide | Differential Equation Solving with DSolve | Dynamic Interactivity | Graph Drawing | Grids, Rows, and Columns in Mathematica | J/Link User Guide | Mathematics and Algorithms | MathLink Development in C | .NET/Link User Guide | Notebooks and Documents | Random Number Generation | System Administration Guide | Systems Interfaces and Deployment | Unconstrained Optimization | Visualization and Graphics | Web Services User Guide