Top Reasons to Upgrade

How Your Version Compares to Mathematica 8

Upgrading to Mathematica 8 is easy. If you're still using an older version of Mathematica, you're missing out on a lot of powerful features.

Mathematica 8

Mathematica 7

Mathematica 6

Mathematica 5

Mathematics & Computation

Integrated Wolfram|Alpha results for immediate computation      
Multithreading for high performance across most functions      
Parallel computing integration Enhanced    
Comprehensive equation solving Enhanced
High-precision numerical computing Enhanced
  Mathematica 8 Mathematica 7 Mathematica 6 Mathematica 5

Application Areas

More statistical distributions than any other system      
Fully integrated wavelet analysis      
Control systems integration      
Financial indicators, charting, and derivatives      
Image processing and analysis Enhanced    
High-precision GIS functions Enhanced    
Combinatorics and graph theory Enhanced
  Mathematica 8 Mathematica 7 Mathematica 6 Mathematica 5

Data Sources & Analysis

Programmatic access to vast amounts of data from Wolfram|Alpha      
Nonparametric, derived, and formula distributions      
Improved performance for large datasets    
Computable, integrated, curated data  
Automated import and export of many data formats Enhanced
Importing data from Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets Enhanced
SQL and other database connectivity
  Mathematica 8 Mathematica 7 Mathematica 6 Mathematica 5

Graphics & Visualization

Financial indicators and visualizations      
Hardware-accelerated texture mapping      
Highly customizable statistical charting Enhanced    
Built-in vector fields Enhanced    
Graph and network visualizations Enhanced  
High-quality interactive graphics  
  Mathematica 8 Mathematica 7 Mathematica 6 Mathematica 5

Development & Deployment

GPU programming support      
C code generation and compilation      
Integrated SymbolicC support      
Wolfram Workbench: Eclipse-based IDE Enhanced  
Mathematica Player for standalone applications  
Instant high-level debugging  
Instant interactive applications  
Easy-to-build interfaces with standard and custom controls  
Multi-paradigm programming language
Immediate deployment of notebooks to TeX, PDF, HTML, and more
  Mathematica 8 Mathematica 7 Mathematica 6 Mathematica 5

Productivity & Usability

Free-form linguistic input      
Citation management with Endnote integration      
Point-and-click assistant palettes    
Interactive whiteboard support    
Integrated visual and auditory accessibility options    
Spell checking and syntax highlighting Enhanced
Mathematical typesetting Enhanced
Custom stylesheets
Command completion and template insertion

Important Note about Compatibility

Mathematica 8 is backward-compatible with all documents created with Versions 6 and 7. If you're upgrading from Version 5.2 or earlier, you can still get your documents to work in Mathematica 8.
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