Mathematica Pricing

Mathematica for Junior &
Community Colleges

[NOTE: The current release of Mathematica Online is a fully functional BETA Version. Additional polish will be added over the coming weeks.]

The professional standard for everyday use
$95per year,
or $10 billed monthly
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By The Numbers
5 GB
Cloud storage
Addt'l storage can be purchased*
Wolfram|Alpha API calls/month
Free viewers*
Licensed for commercial use
Cloud Credits/month
Addt'l credits can be purchased
5 mins
Computation limit
0.5 GB
Session memory limit
1 GB
File size limit
Full access to the Wolfram Language
CloudCDF & Static Deployment Interface
Technical Support Our Wolfram Technical Support experts respond to your technical product questions. We also offer customer service assistance to all customers, such as help with product access or with billing or related questions, regardless of plan level.

Wolfram Community is a platform for our customers to ask questions, share ideas, and participate in discussions about all Wolfram technologies.
Email + phone
*Features coming soon
Common Questions
Which plan is right for me?
Home is intended for personal use. It includes enough Cloud Credits, storage, and free viewers to explore and share your ideas. Home is not for commercial or academic use.
Standard is the ideal professional solution. Significant resources are included, like 15 GB of storage and 25 free viewers per month. Standard also includes phone access to Wolfram Technical Support.
What if I change my mind and want to cancel?
You can cancel your paid subscription at any time.
After canceling, you will be switched to a Viewer plan. With a Viewer plan, it's not possible to create new notebooks or deploy your content. You'll still be able to view your files, but you won't be able to edit them.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard. In some countries, we also accept Discover and American Express.
What are free viewers?
Adding someone to one of your files as a free viewer allows you to share that file without using Cloud Credits. Viewers do not need a Wolfram Cloud product subscription.
Your plan includes a set number of free viewers. This number is tied to your account, not individual files. For example, Home includes five free viewers, but you can add each of those viewers to an unlimited number of files.
You can also share your files with as many Wolfram Cloud product subscribers as you like.
When you give people viewer access to a file, they can view and interact with it, but they won't have the ability to edit it.
What's a Private Cloud?
Available for both development and deployment, Wolfram Private Clouds let you do computations, store data, and share material in your own private environment—either hosted or at your location.
A Private Cloud also allows you to link to private databases and local devices. Additionally, Wolfram Cloud Credits aren't metered for Private Cloud users. You only pay for the number of simultaneous interactive sessions.
Contact us to find out more.
What are Cloud Credits?
Wolfram Cloud Credits are the currency of Wolfram Cloud development and deployment. Every subscription to a Wolfram Cloud product includes some credits. Additional credits are also available, allowing projects to scale quickly.
To get an idea of how many credits you need, try signing up for a trial. With every plan, you'll be able to monitor your credits through the Usage Dashboard, which shows trends and patterns.
What can I store on the Wolfram Cloud?
The Wolfram Cloud stores any of the file types supported by the Wolfram Language.
What are my options as a nonprofit?
Please contact us for further information.
Am I eligible for educational pricing?
Educational pricing is available to employees of accredited primary and secondary schools and institutions that award two-year (associate's) degrees, but not four-year (bachelor's) degrees. This may include community, junior, technical, and vocational colleges. Homeschool educators are also eligible.
The product can be used on your personal computer or a computer that is owned by the institution, but may not be used for commercial purposes. Proof of your employment or status as a homeschool educator is required at the time of purchase.
More questions?
If you can't find your answer here, take a look at our support FAQ or contact us. You can also read our terms of use, privacy policies, and license agreements.
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