Students Save with Affordable New Semester and Annual Editions of Mathematica CalcCenter 3

August 29, 2005--From less than half the price of an average textbook, students can now download semester and annual editions of Mathematica CalcCenter 3--the most affordable solution for anyone who needs to use this innovative calculation software for just a few classes.

Characterized as having "the power of Mathematica, the ease of a calculator," Mathematica CalcCenter 3 gives students the same core Mathematica technology used every day by science and technology leaders around the world. With the award-winning interface, new users can get up and running in less than 10 minutes.

"CalcCenter 3... actually does all the problems for you. You can't beat that," said Charles Seiter of Macworld.

Unique features such as SmartPlot and InstantCalculators help students accurately set up and solve tough symbolic and numeric problems for almost any math or science class. Results can then be saved and combined into rich reports and professional presentations--all within one integrated system.

"While it's probably the simplest technical software on the market to use, it handles some of the most sophisticated tasks," said Jon McLoone, lead developer of Mathematica CalcCenter. "All the key Mathematica features a student needs are right there--just pick, click, and solve."

Mathematica CalcCenter for Students 3 can be downloaded immediately for Windows and Mac OS X from the Wolfram Worldwide Web Store.

More information is available on the Mathematica CalcCenter for Students website.