Year 2000 Problem

The Mathematica application package contains no known problems with regard to what has come to be known as the "Year 2000 problem." All internal representations of dates within the computational kernel are in the form of high-level expression structures that are capable of representing arbitrary dates.

Certain aspects of the software make use of the host operating system's real-time clock, for example, in order to learn the current date and time. Mathematica is therefore limited by the operating system it is running on, but these limitations are inherent to the operating system, not Mathematica, and correct functioning extends well beyond the year 2000 in all systems for which Mathematica is available.

This statement represents the best knowledge available to Wolfram Research, the developer of the software. However, this statement does not represent any warranty or acceptance of liability: The only such representations are contained in the software license agreement for Mathematica.