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2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
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2003 Mathematica Developer

The 2003 Mathematica Developer Conference was an invaluable resource for users and developers who are interested in creating Mathematica-based tools, products, or courseware. During the conference, members of the Wolfram Research technical staff presented a road map of future versions of Mathematica as well as in-depth details of many core functions.

Featured Wolfram Research speakers included:

Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO

Theodore Gray, Director of User Interfaces

Roger Germundsson, Director of R&D

Tom Wickham-Jones, Director of Kernel Development

Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic and International Development

Topical panel discussions and more than 50 informative presentations from Wolfram Research staff and other Mathematica developers were held.

Roman Maeder, one of the original developers of Mathematica and author of several Mathematica books, taught the Wolfram Education Group course M220: Programming in Mathematica.

Many of the presentation notebooks have been posted and are available for download.