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Who is the Summer School for?
Anyone who wants to do a serious project with Mathematica. The Summer School will cater to both professionals and students. All attendees are expected to have solid pre-existing knowledge of Mathematica.

What criteria are used in selecting students?
We're looking for people for whom the Summer School can really make a difference and can help launch into doing important work with Mathematica. We like to see evidence of an ability to carry out a project to a high level of quality.

What is the application deadline?
The formal deadline is April 22, 2008, but earlier applications will be given preference, and a few later applications with special circumstances may be considered.

What happens at the Summer School?
It is an intense two-week program that includes lectures and workshops but focuses on individual projects. Attendees will each work with a senior advisor and a mentor to plan and implement their own projects.

Do I need to know Mathematica before coming to the Summer School?
Yes. For a first introduction to Mathematica, see the Wolfram Education Group courses and seminars.

Can my project be proprietary?
Yes, though a general description of every project will be included on the Summer School public website. Contact the Summer School organizers for more detailed information.

Are there age limits for Summer School students?
No. Everyone from exceptional high-school students to energetic individuals late in their careers is welcome to apply.

Where is the Summer School held?
The school is held in Champaign, Illinois, USA, home of Wolfram Research and the University of Illinois.

How long is the Summer School?
The school is two weeks long. Students need to attend for the whole duration.

How much does the Summer School cost?
The basic commercial rate for the Summer School is US $2500. In addition, there is a discounted academic/student rate of US $1000. See below for more information.

Is financial support available for the Summer School?
Some scholarships are available. Please contact the Summer School organizers for details.

Does the cost include room and board?
No. Students are responsible for their own meals and living arrangements. Hotel accommodations (which include some meals) are available for those who are interested.

Do I need to have a computer?
Every student is expected to bring a reliable laptop, with Mathematica 6 installed. Wireless network and internet access is freely available at the Summer School site.

How does this Summer School relate to the NKS Summer School?
The NKS Summer School uses Mathematica as a tool, but is aimed specifically at NKS research. The Advanced Mathematica Summer School concentrates on Mathematica itself, and its application in any area.

How can I find out more?
Contact the Summer School organizers at Please include a phone number if you want to discuss your specific project or situation.