MechanicalSystems Upgraded for Faster Modeling with Mathematica

September 20, 2005--MechanicalSystems 2 is now available from Wolfram Research. This faster, more robust version of the application package for rigid body system design is compatible with Mathematica 5.2 and significantly speeds up prototyping and simulation tasks for complex models.

MechanicalSystems features over 50 two- and three-dimensional geometric constraints for modeling complex mechanical relationships. Custom algebraic constraints can also be easily defined for modeling non-geometric or control relationships. A new streamlined documentation system, with inline examples for most functions, is also included and automatically integrates into the searchable Mathematica Help Browser.

Other major enhancements include:

  • Full internal support for Mathematica's new expression compilation capabilities
  • Simpler symbolic results from many 3D angular constraints
  • New forward dynamics block that integrates in 3D angular space for improved performance and accuracy
  • Fully integrated generalized coordinate support in the core package
  • Vector algebra support in Euler parameter space
  • Enhanced 3D graphics objects with elliptical cubic sections
  • New gear constraints for modeling abstract gear trains
  • Capabilities to specify all 3D rotations by angle-axis, Euler parameters, or virtual rotation vector

MechanicalSystems developer Robert Beretta will give a special demonstration of these improvements at the 2005 Wolfram Technology Conference, which will take place in Champaign, Illinois, from October 6-8.

This release of MechanicalSystems is part of a key Wolfram Partnerships Group initiative to team up with developers and bring innovative software solutions to Mathematica users. Mathematica application developers and others interested in working with Wolfram Research should contact for details.

MechanicalSystems requires Mathematica 5.0 or higher and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and compatible systems.

More information is available on the MechanicalSystems website.