New webMathematica Author Utility Provides Authoring Environment for webMathematica

August 3, 2004--To help support the growing webMathematica community, Wolfram Research has made available a new utility called webMathematica Author, which registered users can download at no charge.

webMathematica Author is a Mathematica application that aids in the creation and development of JavaServer Pages (JSP) for use with webMathematica. It provides Mathematica users with functions and palette options that simplify the construction and layout of commonly used HTML and webMathematica tags, thereby easing the webMathematica development process.

Mathematica users who may not be familiar with HTML or with webMathematica's JavaServer Pages syntax will benefit most from the increased accessibility provided by webMathematica Author. The webMathematica Author documentation includes many of the same examples that shipped with webMathematica 2.1, which lets new users see how the creation of the same applications is simplified by the use of webMathematica Author.

webMathematica Author is compatible with Mathematica 5 and designed for use with webMathematica 2.1. More information is available.