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Who's It For?

This product is designed to be used by any organization (government, schools, manufacturing or service industries, finance, services, universities, research institutions, banks, insurance companies, retail, marketing, and more) that needs to analyze data efficiently to make decisions in a timely manner. Because of its user-friendly graphical user interface, no programming skills or knowledge of Mathematica programming language are required.

Those analysts that can't afford to spend too much time on analytics will find in this application an efficient way to explore the options for many of the graphical and statistical analysis capabilities of Mathematica.

Additionally, beyond the standard charting and analysis functions of Mathematica, BEST Viewpoints has several powerful and useful functions like MarketBasketAnalysis (or Associations Analysis) for analyzing retail transactions (basket size statistics, product penetration, and product associations), manufacturing data, and other types of data where events coexist and the affinity between some of these events needs to be understood. Statistical control charts as well as process capability analysis are other functions included that are not contained in the standard version of Mathematica.

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