Finance Essentials
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Wolfram Mathematica Finance Essentials

Design and Analyze Proprietary Financial Systems

Finance Essentials

Mathematica 7 
compatible Finance Essentials is specifically designed for traders, investment analysts, portfolio managers, and others in the financial community with critical tasks in data analysis and strategy design. Use it to rapidly build customized proprietary applications, test and evaluate trading and hedging strategies, and evaluate assets using the CAPM.

Finance Essentials provides a foundation of financial objects (such as cash flow, option, bond, and interest rates) and functions (such as spot-forward rate conversions, option valuation, and sensitivity measures) and shows you how to apply them effectively. Examples help you easily calculate Markowitz efficient portfolios and compute moving averages.

The tools and examples in Finance Essentials, when combined with Mathematica's high-level programming language, can slash development costs and make your modeling more productive. The powerful Mathematica environment provides fast, accurate computation and graphical analysis on all kinds of financial data, which can be imported from existing databases, spreadsheets, or even proprietary software.

The package comes with electronic documentation, which is fully integrated with the Wolfram Mathematica Documentation Center.

Finance Essentials 1.2.2 requires Mathematica 7 and is available for all Mathematica platforms.

Note: For registered users of previous versions of Finance Essentials, a version compatible with Mathematica 7.0 is available for download.

  Mathematica 6 compatible version coming soon! Buy now and receive a free upgrade