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Who's It For?

Fuzzy logic is a rapidly expanding field in today's computer industry. Unlike most fuzzy logic software packages available in the market today, Fuzzy Logic offers an environment that lets users learn, explore, and apply the underlying concepts of fuzzy logic. The ease with which fuzzy sets and relations can be entered and manipulated in Fuzzy Logic makes this product ideally suited for professionals, researchers, educators, and students with all levels of experience in fuzzy logic theory.

  • Engineers can use the package to research, model, test, and visualize real systems from the most basic to the highly complex.
  • Researchers can use the package's comprehensive set of fuzzy logic tools to investigate applications of fuzzy theory and new ideas in the field.
  • Educators can use Fuzzy Logic to teach concepts, basic theory, and applications of fuzzy logic, using the package alone or as a complement to a class text.
  • Students can use the examples in the package to help solve a large variety of problems in step-by-step detail.
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